Mega Ace JILI Slot: Embark on an Adventure Across a 6X6 Grid

Mega Ace

Get set for an adrenaline-fueled gaming adventure that will leave you breathless! Step into the world of Mega Ace, an electrifying classic slot game that offers non-stop excitement on an expansive 6X6 grid. Developed by Taya777, a leading online casino gaming platform, Mega Ace boasts an incredible 46,656 ways to win. Brace yourself for a wild ride filled with insane combos, incredible multipliers, and heart-pounding gameplay that will capture your attention from the very first spin.

Mega Ace Game Introduction

Mega Ace Game Introduction

Experience the classic allure of Mega Ace Slot Machine, a timeless Online Casino Game crafted by JILI Slot. This card-themed slot boasts captivating visuals, featuring original illustrations of cards as icons, along with delightful animations and abstract backgrounds. Accessing the free spin bonus game is a breeze in Mega Ace, requiring just 3 scatters to unlock. With a maximum bonus of 1500X, this slot promises thrilling adventures and generous rewards for players.

How to Play Mega Ace Slot Machine

How to Play Mega Ace Slot Machine
  • Discover 46,656 ways to win prizes in Mega Ace Slot Machine.
  • Starting from the left-most reel, align 3 or more identical symbols in a row to achieve a winning combination and earn prizes.
  • After scoring a prize, all winning symbols will “flip again,” revealing new symbols for another chance to win. Your total score accumulates when you fail to achieve a winning combination.
  • Calculate Points for regular bets by multiplying the bet amount by the odds.
  • Calculate Points for Extra Bet by multiplying the base bet by the odds.
  • The game result is void if the system encounters any errors preventing it from determining the outcome.

Game Features

Game Features

6X6 Super Grid and 46,656 Ways to Win

Experience the thrill of the expansive 6X6 grid offering an astounding 46,656 ways to win, providing players with abundant opportunities to hit the jackpot. As you play, unlock higher multipliers to boost your chances of scoring big wins.

Multiplier Madness

Mega Ace takes multipliers to the next level! In the main game, enjoy multipliers ranging from X1 to X5, with the potential to double, quadruple, sextuple, or even octuple your wins during free games. Activate the Extra Bet feature to ramp up your multipliers and increase your winning potential even further.

Golden Cards and Wild Jokers

Discover the Golden Cards on specific reels and witness them transform into Jokers, acting as wild symbols to enhance your winning combinations. Encounter Lesser and Greater Jokers for added excitement and more opportunities to win big.

Special Gameplay Elements

Special Gameplay Elements
  • Match Multiplier:  Elevate your winnings with the Match Multiplier, which increases with each successful match, providing ample opportunities to amplify your earnings and boost your excitement.
  • Free Games: Unlock 10 free games by collecting the required symbols. During free games, enjoy doubled multipliers (X2, X4, X6, X8, and X10), maximizing your potential winnings and intensifying the thrill.
  • Extra Bets: For the adventurous players, activate the Extra Bet mode to unlock higher multiplier possibilities, adding an extra layer of excitement and increasing your potential rewards.

Mega Ace JILI Slot Paytable

Mega Ace JILI Slot Paytable

Strategize your bets and maximize your earnings with the odds chart, which displays the winning multipliers for different symbol combinations.

Game Rules

Game Rules

Experience straightforward and engaging rules with Mega Ace. Secure winning combinations across the reels, and the game rewards you handsomely. The system diligently tracks your progress, ensuring a fair and thrilling gaming experience.

How to Win at Mega Ace JILI Slot

How to Win at Mega Ace JILI Slot

Discover a plethora of ways to boost your winning potential with Mega Ace JILI Slot. Follow these strategic tips to enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of striking it big:

Understanding the Paytable: 

Get familiar with the paytable and the corresponding multipliers for each symbol. Understanding potential payouts for various combinations is crucial for making informed betting decisions.

Utilize Multipliers Wisely: 

Strategically use the multipliers available in both the main game and free games. Managing and increasing your multipliers can significantly boost your winnings. Utilize the Extra Bet feature to further enhance your multiplier potential.

Golden Cards and Jokers: 

Keep an eye on Golden Cards and Jokers, acting as wild symbols that can lead to exciting combinations. Understanding their role and interaction with other symbols is key to maximizing your wins.

Free Games Strategy: 

During free games, multipliers are doubled. Strive to activate the free games feature to capitalize on these boosted multipliers and boost your total winnings.

Budget Management: 

For gaming, you should Set a gaming budget and adhere to it. Responsible betting ensures prolonged enjoyment of the game without risking substantial losses.

Practice Makes Perfect: 

Consider trying the game in demo mode before placing real bets. This allows you to grasp mechanics, bonus features, and betting strategies without risking your bankroll.


Mega Ace JILI Slot is a whirlwind of excitement and a testament to the innovation of Taya777. With its 6X6 grid, 46,656 ways to win, and an array of thrilling features, this slot game is a must-try for any avid gamer. Head over to Taya777, embrace the adventure, and see if you can conquer the Mega Ace!

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